News from Michael Moore

''Journeys with Waldo''

21st March 2014:
New Exhibition of paintings at Remuera Gallery Auckland.
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Series: In the Waiohine Gorge

28th July 2013:
I've been working on with and have now completed my small series of three paintings based on the Waiohine Gorge entrance. Images of the most recently completed the are now attached here. | Read more.

In the Waiohine Gorge

21st June 2013:
During these last few weeks, Rupert and I have been exploring the area up and around the beautiful Waiohine Gorge above Carterton. | Read more.

The Chatham Islander May 2013

6th June 2013:
'Chathams provides artistic inspiration'
By: Abigail Liddy | Read more.

Michael Moore Studio/Gallery

15th May 2013:
Michael Moore Studio/Gallery situated in the Wairarapa is open for visits by appointment | Read more.

Wairarapa & the Chatham Islands

23rd April 2013:
In October of last year after thirty seven years away I moved back to the Wairarapa to live.
This is my home region and the landscape which I grew up looking at, and the place to where my spirit has been constantly drawn back to over the years. | Read more.