Wairarapa & the Chatham Islands

In October of last year after thirty seven years away I moved back to the Wairarapa to live.
This is my home region and the landscape which I grew up looking at, and the place to where my spirit has been constantly drawn back to over the years.

Also over the last twelve months I have revisited the Chatham Islands twice,which has resulted in a recent exhibition of new paintings titled " The Far Away Islands " at Remuera Gallery in Auckland.
I had previously been to the Chathams way back in 1996 and was blown away by the place then. These most recent visits all these years later left me even more inspired. This is a place of rare and mysterious beauty.

Through the sale of some of these new works I decided to support the Chatham Islands Heritage and Restoration Trust. An amazing collective of mainly people from the Island community working towards environmental restoration.

Rupert Watching TV
At this stage Rupert is more interested in watching telly than studio field trip training

Some of my new Chathams paintings can be seen here on my website.

Also during 2012 a very exciting event. I brought home and welcomed a new member of the family. Rupert the Wire Haired Fox Terrier and is he wired !!

Rupert's official role is studio dog and field trip companion in training and will make regular appearances on my website.
Michael Moore

23rd April 2013

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