''Journeys with Waldo''




                                                             '' Journeys with Waldo''

 This series of new paintings celebrates the life of my late dog-Waldo a fox terrier who was a beloved field trip and studio companion for nineteen years.

A patient observer, both on the field and back in the studio where my sketches came to life.Waldo made every journey more special.

My latest series of paintings return to the significant places we would visit,celebrating the joy and happiness that our canine friends bring to our lives.

In memory of Waldo, a donation of 10% on the sale of any painting made during the exhibition will be given to the SPCA in aknowledgement of the tremendous work they do.

The exhibition will be opened on behalf of the SPCA by Mr Robert Kerridge; and will begin at 3pm Sunday 23rd March.

The exhibition runs from 23rd March till 6th April 2014  at Remuera Art Gallery. Auckland.

To view images of these works visit: www.remuera-gallery.com  or visit my Facebook page

21st March 2014

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